Friday, 7 September 2012

O2 Priority moments freebies

Look what I picked up from town today for a grand total of £0

Trend purple union jack slip case (RRP £9.99) and 4 Millie's Cookies yum!

As most of you will know 02 have their own app which gives you offers, discounts and even better FREEBIES throughout several major high street stores. Whether you want pizza, prosecco, a new pair of trainers or money off everyday items, the Priority Moments app gives you access to loads of exclusive offers. Just for O2 customers.

I always forget to check my O2 priority moments and have missed out on several freebies over the past few months including free prosecco from Cafe Rouge (No spend required), Several free coffees from Cafe Nero and more recently a free body shop hair care kit... Damn. So as I knew I was heading into town today to run some errands (Return library books, pay council tax, up my overdraft :/ ooopsies) I checked my o2 priority moments app and saw the above offers which were £10 thank you to spend in the o2 shop (This is compensation from when they had the signal failures a couple of months back) and 4 free Millie's cookies.

First I popped into Millie's for my free cookies I showed them my code they asked which 4 I wanted and I walked away with the cookies simple. Then I popped into 02 picked my item took it the counter showed the code and walla the item was mine.

I shall be checking my o2 priority moments more often from now on and here's a little heads up if your on o2 these offers are still valid so get yourself to your local Millie's and o2 and collect your freebies

Friday, 31 August 2012

The Ten Day Challenge

The Ten Day You Challenge: Day 10: Secrets

The Ten Day You Challenge

I found this on Zoe's blog at

I love these tags as you really get to know in a sense what a person is like and even more what you are like. 

Ten Secrets

1. I am either a very messy person or an extremely tidy person, confusing eh? If my house, flat, room is untidy then it becomes very untidy but if its tidy you can bet its tidy literally spotless.

2. I used to be extremely sporty I was on a girls football team, an aspiring gymnastic and also a keen high jumper... This years Olympics made me wish I'd pursued my sport especially Gymnastics which was my strongest sport. 

3. If I could I would live in my pyjamas and I do try, I wear Pj's until I have to get ready to leave the house and the moment I come home they are straight back on I've done this ever since I was little I just think clothes are uncomfortable as much as I love fashion they are not comfy.

4. I've always wanted to live in London and hopefully I will be doing in 2 years after university is over. My friends have always known how much I've wanted to live there and constantly joke about how I got my "London Boy" (My boyfriend is a Londoner)
5. I am quite a film boff. When I first met my boyfriend Phil just under two years ago he used to mock my film IQ put it this way I hadn't even seen "Forest Gump" since being with him we've watched 100's of films together and I can now watch I film and know who the director is :O geeky aye?

6. I spend too much money on junk, you might be thinking so does everyone but no I do I dread to think how much money I've spent on junk food in the past year whenever I go to the corner shop at least three times a week I come back with £20 worth of goodies each time even though we have done the weekly food shop so that £100's that could have gone towards  holidays or something substantial. I also have a weakness for scratch-cards, magazines clothes that I don't need and much much more.

7. I have not been out of education since I began Reception when I was 4 and I'm only just going into my second year of university at 21!!! I should have graduated this year. I worked my butt of for my GCSE's and was predicted A's at A level and a place at  Russell league universities, however once I hit sixth form I discovered it wasn't compulsory and never attended I preferred travelling the country which resulted in 3 U's :/ this resulted in me having to do an extra year at sixth form I decided through this time a top university wasn't for me when I fell in love with York St Johns university on an open day so I became pretty laid back at sixth form and made sure I got the grades to get me on my course at YSJ which was Business Management- Media. So a year behind I headed off to university only for me to not like the media aspect of my course and again completely fail my first year, Luckily they gave me a second chance and the choice of a new course Business Management: Finance which I've just passed my first year with flying colours Phew.

8. I don't like washing my hands with warm water I wash them with cold and I wash my hands  more than an average person does in a day.

9. I broke my left arm when I was 8 when I fell off some monkey bars and my right leg when I jumped off a miniature steam train when I was 5 because I didn't like the noise, the train ran over my leg luckily I was on the back carriage so only one wheel went over my leg.

10. I love playing old PS1 games especially Resident Evil growing up with three brothers did this to me.

Check my blog tomorrow for Challenge nine - nine loves

Friday, 20 July 2012


Well technically 3 sleeps (23rd July) but it's officially two days away now :), Anyhow I have a ton of posts I need to get on here so I will try my hardest to get them done as soon as my birthday weekend is over on Tuesday the 24th.

I'm so excited for the coming weekend I'm going to my home town tomorrow with my boyfriend to see my close friends and family and having my birthday night out Saturday night, Rotherham town is on the cards ;) If you don't know where and what Rotherham is your not missing much! I can't wait however as I haven't seen some of these girls in over a year and one of them has just found out she's pregnant :) HOW EXCITING! I'm going to be an un-offical Auntie!

Sunday will probably be spent with my family and then Monday well.... ITS MY BIRTHDAY. I'm so giddy I can't wait to see what Phil's bought me, he's hidden my presents in the house and I've had to resist all urges to spy!

I shall be back to Blogging as of Tuesday with lots of exciting posts and most definitely a personal post about my 21st

What do you think of the dress I'm wearing tomorrow? This is part of my New Look Sale Haul
Kelly Brook range and reduced from £39.99 to £18 BARGAIN!!!

What do you think of the dress?
What posts would you like to see more of on my blog?

Friday, 13 July 2012

7 things in 7 day, More like not so 7 things in 14 days

So on the 1st of July I gave myself the "7 things in 7 days task" and can happily say 14 days later I've completed...dah dah dah... 5 of them :/ ooops, however I must say I am quite proud of achieving that and can honestly say if I hadn't done this task I probably wouldn't have done any, well apart from the clean and tidy my room as we have started having viewings at our flat again.

7 things in 7 days

1 - Bake  - Phil keeps begging me to bake some scones and I've been promising I will for the past two weeks so I suppose this week I should give it a go.

I BAKED SCONES and made my boyfriend's day :) I think. 

So they didn't turn out as perfect as I expected but hey they were a first attempt, I must admit I won't use the recipe I used again next time I will use the one my Grandma donated her scones are the best scones I've ever tasted

2 - Do a craft project - I've been meaning to start my scrapbook since just after Christmas and I've accumulated a huge box full of scrap-booking goodies over the past 6 months as well as buying a ton of bits and bobs off Ebay, I think its time I finally gave it a go.

Still haven't started this so that's 7 months I've been meaning to now! 

3 - Sort out my wardrobe - I've got tons of bits and bobs that need sticking on Ebay and rediscovering. 

My half of the wardrobe looks presentable now and I even managed to sell a few items on Ebay bonus!

4 - Clean and tidy my room - Needs doing pretty much everyday in our flat.

We didn't just tidy the bedroom me and my other half spent the entirety of 4 hours yesterday tidying every room in our flat, yes we might have done it because there was a viewing in our flat but its still tidy now and its been like that for way over 24 hours ;)

5 - Put all my music onto my iphone - Everytime I find time to do this my iphone decides its not co-operating so I think this week I should finally ask my technical boyfriend to help me out. 

Need to get around to doing this as I've just been lazy and listening to my old ipod and by old I mean Ipod Nano first gen old! were talking 2006 tunes.

6 - Read - For once I'm actually doing pretty well with this as I've become engrossed in the Fifty Shades trilogy throughout the past week and I'm already on the third and final book

I'm extremely proud of this I hadn't read a book completely since the Twilight Saga back at the beginning of 2010 naughty me, I love reading and thanks to The Fifty Shades trilogy I am now officially back into reading after finishing all of the books in just over a week.
I've decided to make a start on the Hunger Games and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy's as I have had the first books of both for ages and am yet to complete them.

7 - Comment more - I keep reading Blogs and forgetting to comment when I love a post, I love receiving a comment it can make my day so I aim to make more people's days by leaving them lovely comments :)

All I can say about this one is DONE! :D

I've had a lucky week ♥ *Competition Wins*

Since beginning comping last month I had only won one competition last month which was 2 tickets to the Latitude festival and tour de latitude worth £400 however unfortunately me and my partner were not able to attend and its currently taking place now :( Gutted is an understatement, we are currently skint and couldn't afford £50 a piece for the trains to Ipswich and we weren't having luck in finding cheap bikes so it was a no-no.
This week though as I was moping about not being able to attend the festival 3 competition wins came my way :D. 2 Twitter wins and one unexpected win through the post.

1. This was my surprise and favourite win 
Maybelline Falsies Flared Mascara RRP: £7.99
I've been meaning to try this out for a long time so now I finally can and for free :) yipeee

2.Twitter Win (Play Magazine) 
Planet 51 Playstation 3 Game :RRP: £8.99
I will probably give this to my niece... eventually... after I've had a go of course ;) I'm such a big kid and Phil says the game is 2 player so I'm guessing after a few glasses of wine this will be tons of fun.

3.My final win was a Twitter win from Tesco Baby Club
Cow and Gate Weaning Pack : RRP:£15
I'm yet to receive this and no I'm not a mummy but I'm going to be an Auntie again next month to my Brother and his wives baby boy so this prize will be going to them.

Still gutted about missing the Latitude Festival however I did receive some goodies from them the other day one being a Latitude Book bag :) these prizes have cheered me up and gave me some serious hope in Comping within 2 months of comping I've won 4 prizes :D 

What do you think of my prizes?
Do you enter competitions regularly?

Friday, 6 July 2012 Sale Wishlist

When I received an email this morning with the subject: SALE SALE SALE! Dresses from £8! from I had to have a browse and found some lovely items (mostly floral) that I would like to purchase. has been my favourite online clothes shopping site for about 3 years and until I started blogging and discovered a wider world of online shopping it used to be the first and only place I'd go to online for a new outfit. After my browse this morning I remembered why its my favourite, most of their clothes are floral, girlie dresses ( my favourite) and reasonably priced with or without a sale. The problem however is I've given myself a clothes ban until before my 21st (So I can buy myself a lovely outfit or two) which is on the 23rd of July also me and Phil are looking for a new flat and I know were going to have to fork out tons of money on paperwork, deposits and rent. So here's my wishlist I might cheekily invest in one of these items because I have a perfect excuse the excuse being I've just passed my first year of university with flying colours and I am yet to treat myself.

1. Polly Ditsy Print Full Skirt 

£7.00 was £12.00

2. Arina Rose Print Peplum Strappy Dress
£12.00 was £20.00

3. Sandra Halterneck Structured Fit & Flare Dress

£15.00 was £25.00 

4. Cara Floral Bow Waist Net Frill Prom Dress

£12.00 was £20.00

5. Katie Ditsy Print 50's Plaited Belt Dress

£15.00 was £20.00 

6. Amy Box Pleat Skater With Lace Insert

£12.00 was £20.00

7. Jess All Over Floral Print Sleeveless Dress

£15.00 was £20.00

8. Pippa Black Suedette Bow Cage Platform Heels

£22.00 was £30.00

Do you like the items I chose?
Which of the items on my wishlist is your favourite?
What are your opinions on

Sunday, 1 July 2012

7 things in 7 days

1 - Bake  - Phil keeps begging me to bake some scones and I've been promising I will for the past two weeks so I suppose this week I should give it a go.

2 - Do a craft project - I've been meaning to start my scrapbook since just after Christmas and I've accumulated a huge box full of scrap-booking goodies over the past 6 months as well as buying a ton of bits and bobs off Ebay, I think its time I finally gave it a go.

3 - Sort out my wardrobe - I've got tons of bits and bobs that need sticking on Ebay and rediscovering. 

4 - Clean and tidy my room - Needs doing pretty much everyday in our flat.

5 - Put all my music onto my iphone - Everytime I find time to do this my iphone decides its not co-operating so I think this week I should finally ask my technical boyfriend to help me out. 

6 - Read - For once I'm actually doing pretty well with this as I've become engrossed in the Fifty Shades trilogy throughout the past week and I'm already on the third and final book

7 - Comment more - I keep reading Blogs and forgetting to comment when I love a post, I love receiving a comment it can make my day so I aim to make more people's days by leaving them lovely comments :)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My week In Instagram #2

OOTD | Olympic rings at St Pancras | Me and RUSSELL BRAND :D | Mojito's in Hammersmith | Late night Angus Stake house in Leicester Square | Piccadilly Circus| Krispy Kreme's | Tapa's at Westfield's | Sangria | Totally engrossed in this book | York's Olympic torch ceremony | Katy B

Thursday, 14 June 2012

OOTD "Orange Wednesday"

For the first time in what seems like ages me and Phil decided to go see "Rock Of Ages" last night with the orange Wednesday 2for1 we used to do this every Wednesday "date night" however since we moved into our flat in September this tradition soon disappeared, don't get me wrong we still do lots of other coupled-up things and make sure we go away for a couple of days every month like tomorrow were off to London till Sunday and seeing the "Love Of My Life" Russell Brand tomorrow and then seeing "The Million Pound Drop" being filmed on Saturday so we've got a fun packed weekend planned.

So here is my OOTD from yesterday,

Dress worn as top: Republic
Skirt: *Vintage (originally Dorothy Perkins) £2.99
Heels: Primark
Necklace: Primark 

My photo was took in the rush of the moment on our way out of the house and on my boyfriend's phone so I apologise for the not so great quality.

I was gonna take a photo of my recent Vintage buys and post them on here today but I'm currently tucked up in bed watching "The Only Way Is Marbs" as Im feeling very under the weather today :( so I'll make sure I do the post after I'm back from my weekend in London

Friday, 8 June 2012

My week in Instagram #1 ♥

Ombre nails | New hair | Mint nails | FOTD | Scarborough | Cute message on back of a toilet door at the seaside | Bingo | "Vintage" dress | Hare next to the train tracks

My home-town jubilee celebrations | Pimms O Clock | Home comforts | Grandma's baking | Bank Holiday Sunday: Me and Phil | BHS: Me and my oldest friend | Dairylea Lunchables | Cosmopolitan goodies | Candlelit bath & Wine

I've won tickets to the latitude festival

Since joining bblogger I've become an avid comper and I can happily say after comping for just under 2 weeks I've hit the jackpot 2x Tickets to "Tour De Latitude" and "The Latitude Festival" worth £400 :)

Check out the Line up

Tour de Latitude is set to encourage festival goers to reduce their carbon footprint by cycling their way to the festival in Suffolk, whilst raising funds for the charity Kenyan Orphan Project which supports orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya and Julie's Bicycle who help make environmental sustainability intrinsic to the creative industries.

Me and my boyfriend are going to be cycling from Ipswich which is 31 Miles away from the festival, I think I might be more excited about the bike ride there than the festival itself but don't get me wrong I'm so excited for the festival also.

The festival is from the 12th- 15th of July so you can expected a huge blog post on the bike ride and the weekend in future weeks :D

Saturday, 2 June 2012

May in Instagram photo's

Seen as though its now June and I'm yet to do an Instagram post I thought I'd make some collages of my past month on Instagram. Enjoy 

Boyfriend | York early on a Sunday morning | Sleepy Hamster | My first blog shoot | Cupcakes | Honey | Young Phil | London look | Glittery heels

Lipsy Dress | Smile| Tower Bridge | Tower of London| London by night | Chamber of secrets | Butter-beer | Privet Drive | Thorpe park

Saw | Chocolate frog | House Party | Black glittery nails| The courtyard fountain | York sweet story chocolate | pink lemonade | Summer glow | Me and phil at a friend's birthday party

Joe's birthday | Home-made pink lemonade | Ready to sunbathe | Picnic at the park| Rowntree Park | Daises | Daisy chain | Gourmet burger kitchen milkshake | Biscuits

Friday, 1 June 2012

How to: Ombre Nails

We all know how big the dip-dye trend is at the moment, right? its all over the catwalks and high streets right now and the trend has even taken to nail art.  I've seen many successful ombre’d nails and thought I'd give it a go. It wasn't as simple as I thought it would be and takes a few tries to get it right but I'm extremely pleased with the final result

What you'll need

* Two or more nail polishes of your choice
* A sponge ( Most people recommend using a make up sponge however as I didn't have any spare I just used your average kitchen sponge as we've got loads of unused ones)

L-R, Barry M Shocking Pink, Barry M Bright Purple, Barry M Berry


1. Firstly take your sponge and dip it in a glass of water then squeeze out all the excess so the sponge is damp not soaked.

2. Next take the sponge and  paint stripes of each colour next to each other starting from light to dark. Paint a couple of layers to prevent the sponge from drying up quickly 

3. Place the sponge nail polish side down on top of your nail and dab a few times in the same spot so the colours blend into one. 

4. Continue to follow step 3. on the rest of your nails it may take a lot of patience and reapplying of the nail polish to the sponge to complete all your nails

5. You should now have ombre nails, however expect a lot of excess nail polish around the tips of your fingers. To clean this up I got some cotton buds covered in nail varnish remover to get rid of the excess polish

6. Leave to dry and then apply a top coat.

And there you have it ombre nails

It took me a few attempts to get this right so don't give in if it doesn't work out first attempt.

Do you like the colours I choose? Have you tried ombre nails?

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Kelly Brook presents "A New Collection"

I love the Kelly Brook lingerie collection for New Look so when I got an email about her new clothing collection this morning I had to check it out and I must say I have fallen madly in love something my bank balance is not going to love.

Here are some of my favourite pieces

1. Kelly Brook Pout Card Tee 

Black Pattern (Black) Kelly Brook Black Spot Bodycon Dress | 254998909 | New Look

2. Kelly Brook Black Spot Bodycon Dress

White Pattern (White) Kelly Brook White Floral Bow Shoulder Dress | 255017919 | New Look

3. Kelly Brook White Floral Bow Dress
Black Pattern (Black) Kelly Brook Frill Neck Playsuit | 255038909 | New Look

4. Kelly Brook Frill Neck Playsuit
Black Pattern (Black) Kelly Brook Black Floral Skorts | 255029009 | New Look

5. Kelly Brook Black Floral Shorts
Pink (Pink) Kelly Brook Pink Patent Bow Detail Wedge | 255123770 | New Look

6. Kelly Brook Pink Patent Bow Detail Wedge
Winter White (Cream) Kelly Brook White Court Shoe with Bow Detail | 255116012 | New Look
7. Kelly Brook White Court Shoe With Bow Detail

null (Multi Col) Kelly Brook Cream Floral Padlock Bow Bag | 256041899 | New Look
8. Kelly Brook Cream Floral Padlock Bow Bag

My favourites are definitely 4 and 5 but unfortunately they seem to be everyone else's favourites and have already sold out in my size :(

So it looks like my bank balance is safe for a few more days unless I end up buying some of the other items on the list that take my fancy :)

You can view the whole range here.


Saturday, 5 May 2012

My Not So First Post

So I realised I skipped the introductory first post so here it is...

I've been wanting to start my own blog for a while I just never seemed to get around to doing it and thats the first thing you need to know about me when I'm motivated I'm motivated when I'm not well... lets just say it takes a long time to gain that motivation.

Here are the basics,
Sammy, 20, York

So here's some things you should know about me
* I live with my Boyfriend in York City Centre
* We have a pet hamster called Honey and some tropical-ish fish
* I naturally have mousey brown hair but for the past two years I've been a full-time red head.
* I'm studying Business Management/Finance

* I love anything floral its safe to say the majority of my wardrobe is floral
* I also love Cath Kidson and luckily York has a store.
* I love to Bake and Create

So there you are and welcome to my Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

Here are some photos.

This is me

Me and my boyfriend

Our hamster Honey

If you want to know anything else about me just ask

Friday, 4 May 2012 First purchases

Made my first purchases from today after seeing the Victorian Sewing Kit recommended in More Magazine and realising I have lots of clothes in need of sewing up and my mum's 60 miles away. I also came across the star and moon light-bulb whilst searching the sale items (being the cheap skate I am) and without my boyfriends knowledge purchased it and decided it is going to have a place in our living room lamp cant wait to see the effect it has, after reading the reviews it sounds amazing.

Victorian Sewing Kit

Painted Lightbulb Star+Moon
Was £2.49 Now 99p