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The Ten Day Challenge

The Ten Day You Challenge: Day 10: Secrets

The Ten Day You Challenge

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I love these tags as you really get to know in a sense what a person is like and even more what you are like. 

Ten Secrets

1. I am either a very messy person or an extremely tidy person, confusing eh? If my house, flat, room is untidy then it becomes very untidy but if its tidy you can bet its tidy literally spotless.

2. I used to be extremely sporty I was on a girls football team, an aspiring gymnastic and also a keen high jumper... This years Olympics made me wish I'd pursued my sport especially Gymnastics which was my strongest sport. 

3. If I could I would live in my pyjamas and I do try, I wear Pj's until I have to get ready to leave the house and the moment I come home they are straight back on I've done this ever since I was little I just think clothes are uncomfortable as much as I love fashion they are not comfy.

4. I've always wanted to live in London and hopefully I will be doing in 2 years after university is over. My friends have always known how much I've wanted to live there and constantly joke about how I got my "London Boy" (My boyfriend is a Londoner)
5. I am quite a film boff. When I first met my boyfriend Phil just under two years ago he used to mock my film IQ put it this way I hadn't even seen "Forest Gump" since being with him we've watched 100's of films together and I can now watch I film and know who the director is :O geeky aye?

6. I spend too much money on junk, you might be thinking so does everyone but no I do I dread to think how much money I've spent on junk food in the past year whenever I go to the corner shop at least three times a week I come back with £20 worth of goodies each time even though we have done the weekly food shop so that £100's that could have gone towards  holidays or something substantial. I also have a weakness for scratch-cards, magazines clothes that I don't need and much much more.

7. I have not been out of education since I began Reception when I was 4 and I'm only just going into my second year of university at 21!!! I should have graduated this year. I worked my butt of for my GCSE's and was predicted A's at A level and a place at  Russell league universities, however once I hit sixth form I discovered it wasn't compulsory and never attended I preferred travelling the country which resulted in 3 U's :/ this resulted in me having to do an extra year at sixth form I decided through this time a top university wasn't for me when I fell in love with York St Johns university on an open day so I became pretty laid back at sixth form and made sure I got the grades to get me on my course at YSJ which was Business Management- Media. So a year behind I headed off to university only for me to not like the media aspect of my course and again completely fail my first year, Luckily they gave me a second chance and the choice of a new course Business Management: Finance which I've just passed my first year with flying colours Phew.

8. I don't like washing my hands with warm water I wash them with cold and I wash my hands  more than an average person does in a day.

9. I broke my left arm when I was 8 when I fell off some monkey bars and my right leg when I jumped off a miniature steam train when I was 5 because I didn't like the noise, the train ran over my leg luckily I was on the back carriage so only one wheel went over my leg.

10. I love playing old PS1 games especially Resident Evil growing up with three brothers did this to me.

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  1. hey hun :)
    so glad you did the ten day challenge too!

    i am the same - i am either a clean tidy freak or everythings a mess haha :)

    hop eyou are well and great blog! new follower :)