Saturday, 5 May 2012

My Not So First Post

So I realised I skipped the introductory first post so here it is...

I've been wanting to start my own blog for a while I just never seemed to get around to doing it and thats the first thing you need to know about me when I'm motivated I'm motivated when I'm not well... lets just say it takes a long time to gain that motivation.

Here are the basics,
Sammy, 20, York

So here's some things you should know about me
* I live with my Boyfriend in York City Centre
* We have a pet hamster called Honey and some tropical-ish fish
* I naturally have mousey brown hair but for the past two years I've been a full-time red head.
* I'm studying Business Management/Finance

* I love anything floral its safe to say the majority of my wardrobe is floral
* I also love Cath Kidson and luckily York has a store.
* I love to Bake and Create

So there you are and welcome to my Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

Here are some photos.

This is me

Me and my boyfriend

Our hamster Honey

If you want to know anything else about me just ask


  1. I had a pet hamster too... They're the cutest. :)
    I'd love to follow your blog, Hun... But I can't find the follow button anywhere...

    1. Aren't they just :)

      Daft question but how do I get a follow button on my page? :/ I'm new to all this :')

    2. If I remember correctly you go in design on your dashboard - then add gadget and gives many options...
      google is changing things atm so maybe you should google and see what the best way to do it... hope this helps :)

    3. Ive managed to get a little box on right hand side that says follow by email? Could you try to follow me please :D let me know if it works!

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  3. aw aw aw! your hamster is the cutest! <3