Friday, 1 June 2012

How to: Ombre Nails

We all know how big the dip-dye trend is at the moment, right? its all over the catwalks and high streets right now and the trend has even taken to nail art.  I've seen many successful ombre’d nails and thought I'd give it a go. It wasn't as simple as I thought it would be and takes a few tries to get it right but I'm extremely pleased with the final result

What you'll need

* Two or more nail polishes of your choice
* A sponge ( Most people recommend using a make up sponge however as I didn't have any spare I just used your average kitchen sponge as we've got loads of unused ones)

L-R, Barry M Shocking Pink, Barry M Bright Purple, Barry M Berry


1. Firstly take your sponge and dip it in a glass of water then squeeze out all the excess so the sponge is damp not soaked.

2. Next take the sponge and  paint stripes of each colour next to each other starting from light to dark. Paint a couple of layers to prevent the sponge from drying up quickly 

3. Place the sponge nail polish side down on top of your nail and dab a few times in the same spot so the colours blend into one. 

4. Continue to follow step 3. on the rest of your nails it may take a lot of patience and reapplying of the nail polish to the sponge to complete all your nails

5. You should now have ombre nails, however expect a lot of excess nail polish around the tips of your fingers. To clean this up I got some cotton buds covered in nail varnish remover to get rid of the excess polish

6. Leave to dry and then apply a top coat.

And there you have it ombre nails

It took me a few attempts to get this right so don't give in if it doesn't work out first attempt.

Do you like the colours I choose? Have you tried ombre nails?


  1. I love the colours you chose! I actually really want to buy all of those colours for wearing separately they are so pretty xxx

  2. I love love love ombre nails and love the colours you've used. Your blogs great, keep writing :) xx