Friday, 7 September 2012

O2 Priority moments freebies

Look what I picked up from town today for a grand total of £0

Trend purple union jack slip case (RRP £9.99) and 4 Millie's Cookies yum!

As most of you will know 02 have their own app which gives you offers, discounts and even better FREEBIES throughout several major high street stores. Whether you want pizza, prosecco, a new pair of trainers or money off everyday items, the Priority Moments app gives you access to loads of exclusive offers. Just for O2 customers.

I always forget to check my O2 priority moments and have missed out on several freebies over the past few months including free prosecco from Cafe Rouge (No spend required), Several free coffees from Cafe Nero and more recently a free body shop hair care kit... Damn. So as I knew I was heading into town today to run some errands (Return library books, pay council tax, up my overdraft :/ ooopsies) I checked my o2 priority moments app and saw the above offers which were £10 thank you to spend in the o2 shop (This is compensation from when they had the signal failures a couple of months back) and 4 free Millie's cookies.

First I popped into Millie's for my free cookies I showed them my code they asked which 4 I wanted and I walked away with the cookies simple. Then I popped into 02 picked my item took it the counter showed the code and walla the item was mine.

I shall be checking my o2 priority moments more often from now on and here's a little heads up if your on o2 these offers are still valid so get yourself to your local Millie's and o2 and collect your freebies

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