Friday, 13 July 2012

I've had a lucky week ♥ *Competition Wins*

Since beginning comping last month I had only won one competition last month which was 2 tickets to the Latitude festival and tour de latitude worth £400 however unfortunately me and my partner were not able to attend and its currently taking place now :( Gutted is an understatement, we are currently skint and couldn't afford £50 a piece for the trains to Ipswich and we weren't having luck in finding cheap bikes so it was a no-no.
This week though as I was moping about not being able to attend the festival 3 competition wins came my way :D. 2 Twitter wins and one unexpected win through the post.

1. This was my surprise and favourite win 
Maybelline Falsies Flared Mascara RRP: £7.99
I've been meaning to try this out for a long time so now I finally can and for free :) yipeee

2.Twitter Win (Play Magazine) 
Planet 51 Playstation 3 Game :RRP: £8.99
I will probably give this to my niece... eventually... after I've had a go of course ;) I'm such a big kid and Phil says the game is 2 player so I'm guessing after a few glasses of wine this will be tons of fun.

3.My final win was a Twitter win from Tesco Baby Club
Cow and Gate Weaning Pack : RRP:£15
I'm yet to receive this and no I'm not a mummy but I'm going to be an Auntie again next month to my Brother and his wives baby boy so this prize will be going to them.

Still gutted about missing the Latitude Festival however I did receive some goodies from them the other day one being a Latitude Book bag :) these prizes have cheered me up and gave me some serious hope in Comping within 2 months of comping I've won 4 prizes :D 

What do you think of my prizes?
Do you enter competitions regularly?


  1. Wow, your luck has really been in! Such a shame that you couldn't make it to Latitude, I once won tickets to Reading, but as it was only a few days before it started, no one could go with me - rubbish! It's crap having to pass up prizes when it is so rare to win them!
    Hope you enjoy your other prizes!
    Mel x

    1. I know who said Friday the 13th was unlucky? lol.
      Tell me about we had the tent and sleeping bags and everything sorted :(
      Oh no! I've always wanted to go to Reading/Leeds, I know what you mean about having to pass up rare prizes I couldn't even pass them on to anyone else I knew a friend who would have loved them :(
      Thank you :) x

  2. Hi! Well done you must be quite lucky!, i'm not however well at least not often i won a pick me up competition once and a colouring comp when i was younger but that's it.
    Where do you find all the competitions? x

    1. I find my competitions mainly at competition club on Facebook and Twitter also websites such as they have tons on competitions added everyday on their forums!

      What did you win from pick me up?

      Good luck with your comping :) x