Friday, 13 July 2012

7 things in 7 day, More like not so 7 things in 14 days

So on the 1st of July I gave myself the "7 things in 7 days task" and can happily say 14 days later I've completed...dah dah dah... 5 of them :/ ooops, however I must say I am quite proud of achieving that and can honestly say if I hadn't done this task I probably wouldn't have done any, well apart from the clean and tidy my room as we have started having viewings at our flat again.

7 things in 7 days

1 - Bake  - Phil keeps begging me to bake some scones and I've been promising I will for the past two weeks so I suppose this week I should give it a go.

I BAKED SCONES and made my boyfriend's day :) I think. 

So they didn't turn out as perfect as I expected but hey they were a first attempt, I must admit I won't use the recipe I used again next time I will use the one my Grandma donated her scones are the best scones I've ever tasted

2 - Do a craft project - I've been meaning to start my scrapbook since just after Christmas and I've accumulated a huge box full of scrap-booking goodies over the past 6 months as well as buying a ton of bits and bobs off Ebay, I think its time I finally gave it a go.

Still haven't started this so that's 7 months I've been meaning to now! 

3 - Sort out my wardrobe - I've got tons of bits and bobs that need sticking on Ebay and rediscovering. 

My half of the wardrobe looks presentable now and I even managed to sell a few items on Ebay bonus!

4 - Clean and tidy my room - Needs doing pretty much everyday in our flat.

We didn't just tidy the bedroom me and my other half spent the entirety of 4 hours yesterday tidying every room in our flat, yes we might have done it because there was a viewing in our flat but its still tidy now and its been like that for way over 24 hours ;)

5 - Put all my music onto my iphone - Everytime I find time to do this my iphone decides its not co-operating so I think this week I should finally ask my technical boyfriend to help me out. 

Need to get around to doing this as I've just been lazy and listening to my old ipod and by old I mean Ipod Nano first gen old! were talking 2006 tunes.

6 - Read - For once I'm actually doing pretty well with this as I've become engrossed in the Fifty Shades trilogy throughout the past week and I'm already on the third and final book

I'm extremely proud of this I hadn't read a book completely since the Twilight Saga back at the beginning of 2010 naughty me, I love reading and thanks to The Fifty Shades trilogy I am now officially back into reading after finishing all of the books in just over a week.
I've decided to make a start on the Hunger Games and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy's as I have had the first books of both for ages and am yet to complete them.

7 - Comment more - I keep reading Blogs and forgetting to comment when I love a post, I love receiving a comment it can make my day so I aim to make more people's days by leaving them lovely comments :)

All I can say about this one is DONE! :D


  1. Well the scones look lovely, even if they didn't turn out perfectly - it's the taste that counts! :)
    What are you planning on putting in your scrapbook? Sounds creative. I am itching to do something creative at the moment!
    I've set myself a few tasks to do too, but after my failure last time, I have given myself the whole month to complete them! Haha xx

  2. want to know something really sad? i have never ever tried a scone before! but i think it's so nifty that you know how to make them by scratch! (i'm too lazy to learn how. ha ha, typical american in me!)
    love your blog, by the way!